Monsoon season

Clare sent me the link to this lovely gown from the British high street chain Monsoon weeks as well as weeks ago, as well as I’m lastly getting around to publishing it. say thanks to goodness it still seems to be in stock.

As Clare instinctively understood, from her months of reading A gown A Day, this pushes every single button, like a four-year-old in an elevator. Orange as well as gr[a|e]y? Check. Midriff band? Check. Piping? Check. Surplice bodice? Check. short kimono sleeves? Check. Large-scale print? Check. In fact, this gown is so “directional” (if A gown A Day is the direction you’re heading) that I’m wondering if somebody at their style studio made a bet that they might get it featured here. (That would be egotistical of me, however really, truly funny. hey guys! You won!)

Of course, what was the ONE high street shop that I *didn’t* have a possibility to roam into when I was in the UK back in July? Yep, that’s right, Monsoon. (I would have likewise liked this one. It has tucks!)

The Phoebe gown is £55, as well as is available in UK sizes 08-18. however Monsoon ships to the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland only …

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