Cool tiger style – laid-back in the city

We have a extremely recent style for tee shirts  that has been uploaded on our site, by designer Valentin. “Casual in the city” features a tiger design,  actually a human with feline characteristics, in the metropolitan jungle of London City as you can see from the background. His style is detailed, managing to highlight different character traits of people he satisfies every day, by associating them with different animals. You can discover the artwork by clicking on the picture below.
There are lots of new styles added each day, so make sure you inspect out this designer’s entire portfolio for a much better feel of his style as well as skills. If you are wanting to get in touch with Valentin for customized work, log in to your account on our site as well as utilize the interior messaging system. The email will go directly to the designer as well as he will get back in touch with you with our site, as well.
 “Casual in the city”, tiger style from
Casual in the city 

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