Breaking guidelines

Eyelet is typically too casual for a professional setting, especially because it typically comes in the form of some saucy little summertime sundress which is certainly a big fat NO in the workplace.  However, I came across several eyelet pencil skirts this spring, including this red one from from J. Crew, and realized that an exception would have to be made. 

Needless to say, this rose-colored skirt and I fell deeply, deeply in love.  So to consummate the profound love and affection we share and make the skirt corporate-setting appropriate, I chose to counterbalance the otherwise casual eyelet fabric with much more company formal elements like this blazer and silk blouse.  Thus, I hope to have successfully jedi-mind-tricked eyelet into being an office suitable option.


Now as for the color combo… growing up, my mother taught me to never lie, never steal, never cheat, and most importantly, to never wear white before Memorial Day or combine pink and red.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Well, my sincere apologies, Mother, but I’m going to have to jump on the pink and red bandwagon that we’ve started to see a lot of in the last couple years. I’ve gotta say, this crash collision of coral and red is kind of boss.  


Whether it’s eyelet in the office or the combination of pink and red, it’s remarkable that what used to seem so wrong now just seems… so right.


(This is either an indication of a much more highly developed fashion sense, or an advancing neurological disorder.  As for now, I remain undiagnosed.)






Skirt: J. Crew; Blouse: Adam (similar here); Jacket: Ralph Lauren (similar here); Shoes: J. crew (similar here); Bracelet: Kate Spade (similar here), Alex and Ani; Earrings: Kate Spade; Necklace: Amrita Singh (similar here); Polish: Essie (forever yummy)


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