Mad, Plaid, as well as harmful to understand

I am verrry lured by this Lands’ end Canvas plaid shirtdress. I’ve been searching for plaid material to make some shirtdresses, however I haven’t seen anything I like that isn’t an authentic tartan (at a kajillion dollars a yard). This gown is only $80 (and there are many, numerous LE promotion codes for $15 or $20 off purchases of $75 or more).

Lands’ end Canvas is LE’s new younger line — basically, it’s J.Crew-like styles, with LE-type sizing. (Win-win, in other words.) I’ve purchased a cardigan sweatshirt as well as a short-sleeved sweatshirt from LEC, as well as been pleased with both — okay, I’m only pleased with the sweatshirt on a philosophical level, since there’s never been a short-sleeved sweatshirt in the history of of either sleeves or sweatshirts that’s been lovely on anybody over an A-cup (can you state ‘blocky fleece torso”?), however I’m using it now as well as it’s extremely comfy on a rainy California day in front of the computer. 

Back to the dress. It’s cute, it has pockets, as well as if I purchase it, it will satisfy my present plaid hankering without needing me to figure out which branch of my ancestry qualifies me to wear which design. seems like a plan to me — what do you think? 

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