“lovely, clever, labor-intensive”

“Lovely, clever, labor-intensive” was exactly how Robin explained the gown in this eBay auction, as well as I just like it. I am loving it from afar, though, since it’s $160. I don’t even believe I’m going to attempt this myself, although I’m always lured to be clever with striped fabric. There’s clever, as well as then there’s as well clever by half, as well as every time I veer into “too clever by half,” I wind up with something that never gets finished, much less worn.

(I really just put a great deal of “unfinished business” — i.e., jobs that I lastly accepted that I’m never coming back to — in the box for the salvation army today. There are still a few “somedays” left hanging in my stitching room, however they’re valuable few.)

I’m trying to let go of a great deal of “somedays”, or “just-in-cases”, particularly when it comes to books as well as fabric. If I am not head-over-heels in like with fabric, I believe it’s going to leave me in browse of a more appreciative owner. as well as if I take a book off a shelf, open it, as well as don’t feel like sitting down to checked out a few pages, it may roam off, too.

The Web has obviated the requirement for hoarding, in my opinion. For instance, years back I bought a copy of this book. It was a dollar, as well as it looked interesting, so I bought it, as well as checked out it. (I truly liked it, although its author has the prejudices of his time as well as the vocabulary to match.) however now (as that link suggested), it’s offered online, as well as I don’t have to hold on to my copy for fear that if I let it go, I wouldn’t be able to discover it again. Google can hold on to it for me — as well as I can download the PDF (it’s well out of copyright) as well as have it on my difficult drive in reserve against any type of Chicago-meatpacking-magnate’s-advice-to-his-son emergencies.

Of course, you can’t download material as well as keep it on your difficult drive (although I’m sure my long-suffering other half desires you could!) however I don’t feel the requirement to hold on to “eh” or “just-in-case” material when a few clicks will take me to lots of material that makes me state “ah” instead … as well as when I already have sufficient “ah” material to swathe my entire house, Christo-style, if I felt like it.

(Another thing the Web is making it simple to let go of is petty resentments. If I want to feel upset as well as pissed off, there are lots of locations I can go on the internet to checked out stuff that will make my blood boil. Why bring that around with me in the meantime?)

What is the Web assisting you let go of?

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