gratuitous material posting/taunting

I just purchased a few of this (from Thai Silks). Was it on sale? Yes. Do I understand what I’m going to finish with it? No. will it most likely include a midriff band? Yes.

Sometimes a piece of material will state “BUY ME” (in a type of James Earl Jones, stentorian voice) as well as when I state “For what, pray tell?” it answers “That’s for me to understand as well as you to discover out!”, as well as then it giggles (while still sounding like James Earl Jones). as well as I have to say, when I disregard that fabric-voice, I always regret it. since sometime soon after I run across the pattern that material was destined to be, as well as when I go back to discover the material it’s GONE. Whoosh! Vanished without a trace. sometimes the store clerk will even reject all understanding of stated fabric. (“No, honey, we’ve never had that pattern here.” [rolls eyes])

What does this material state to you? (Thai Silks likewise has it in “almond,” too:

The almond didn’t demand to be bought, though, so I left it on the (virtual) shelf.

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