Traditional Dress/Untraditional materials (another in the continuing series)

I know it sounds like a bad this-is-what-girls-like stereotype, but this dress is made (at least partly) of chocolate. Amy sent me the link to this dress (from the LJ community sew Hip). The dress was part of a contest at the twin Cities chocolate Extravaganza, and was created by LJ blogger redheadedchick, a student in the fashion program at the university of Minnesota.

Here’s her original sketch:

The belt, the bows on the shoes, the bracelet, and the dots on the dress were all chocolate, made by a pastry chef who was teamed up with redheadedchick for the contest. Supposedly the room was warm (occasioning some anxiety) but everything held up except the belt … which the model cleverly held up herself with her fashion-y hands-on-hips pose.

Fun, huh? The only change I would have made would have been to make a teeny little red-and-white striped (peppermint) pillbox hat. I love peppermint hot chocolate …

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