The Hundred Dresses: Day 79

one more Heidi. I truly like ticking-stripe fabric, as well as to discover it in orange … well, I had to have it:

It [turned out to be] a extremely creamsicle-ish dress:

The original publish for this gown did not show the wonky side zip:

I’m not sure what occurred with that. Is it just me, or is it harder to discover directions on increasing the midsection measurement than it is to discover directions for any type of other alteration? Is it just presumed to be easy, or does nobody however me do it, or what? I discover that whenever I have a weird side-seam problem, it’s usually since of some wonky alteration I’ve done. (While looking I did discover this, though.)

I don’t wear this gown all that often, I’m not sure why. I do like orange …

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