Quick fabric update

Do you people remember this dress?

I made it with some of the fabric I got in Japan, and (iirc) a lot of you really liked that fabric.

Well, I got an update from SuperBuzzy this weekend, and they have this fabric! In the orange, and in this very nice blue:

It’s pretty expensive (almost $17/yard) but a lot cheaper than a trip to Japan, so, really, when you think of it that way, it’s like you’re saving money.

Oh, and thanks for all the kind words about the Crossword Puzzle tournament — I actually did much better this year than last year, despite having been a puzzle slacker and despite staying up super-late Saturday night at a TMBG concert. (They played all of Flood. It was AWESOME.) Of course, for me, “much better” means “In the bottom 200, instead of the bottom 100,” but still, better! If I jump fifty places a year, in only ten or eleven years I will win the whole shebang, right?

One more thing: the Duro column is up at the Boston Globe. I’m getting a lot of flack (mostly in email) for using the word “sewist” instead of “sewer,” so feel free to leave a comment with your opinion … (Mary Beth, I’m looking at you!) There are also comments from people who think that if a particular combination of letters exists in any language, you can’t say it’s a “new” word in English. Sigh. Why don’t we teach linguistics in high school, again?

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