DJI vs 3DR Drones for Sale Comparison


One of the latest advances in technology is in the area of drone production. These novelty items are quickly becoming popular for entertainment as well as for their usefulness in dangerous task completion. There are a few different types of drones which are being manufactured and are currently on the market for sale. This comparison of the DJI vs 3DR drones highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each of these highly popular types. Find other compared and ranked drones for sale with camera here.

Uses for drones

Drones can be used for flying over virtually any type of terrain to gain aerial footage. They are useful in gathering information about an area, taking videos and photographs, and going into places where it may be unsafe for humans to venture. These drones are manufactured with differnet types of camera systems, prices and other features. Here is how they compare.

DJI Drones

DJI Drones are among the first to hit the market with their Phantom line. These drones are perfect for anyone who is just starting out in learning how to control a drone. They are designed to be user friendly so even the most inexperienced person can learn how to operate them. These personal drones can be equipped with GPS enabled Android devises for capturing photos and videos with greater accuracy in location and quality in image display and smoothness. The Phantoms can boat of an average flight time capability of up to 25 minutes, which is among the highest in drone technology.


3DR Drones/IRIS

3DR drones feature follow me technology and they offer a variety of different flight modes which seem to be on the edge of intuitive technology. They can orbit around you, fly above you, fly beside you, or take the lead. Although not the first in production, 3DR is definitely taking an interest in developing innovations in this field. Average flight times for this type of drone are just 15 minutes, which are significantly less than the forerunner, the Phantom or DJI. The Gimbal is a system in which a camera can be mounted and kept steady during drone flight. In this regard, the Phantom comes out slightly ahead, but the 3DR features the Tarot gimbal that has been specially developed for use with the Hero 3 and GoPro camera. This makes the pricing for the 3DR more reasonable than the Phantom, and you can add your own camera system.

When comparing the DJI or Phantom drones to the later 3 DR drones, it is difficult to say that one is superior over the other. Both companies that manufacture these drones are all about innovation and adding new features for improvement and each offers their own special attractions. The 3DR drones are less expensive, particularly when purchased without a camera box. They feature a novel form of technology that allows you to command them to perform a variety of functions.

While the Phantom or DJI system is a little more expensive, they have been around for longer and the name is more familiar to most who are familiar with drone technology. In the end, the best type of drone for you amounts to a matter of preference. The best drone is the one that is within your budget allowances and provides you with the features that will be the most useful for your intended purposes.

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